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Louis843 RegularI got a new computer. ._.
Louis843 RegularHeyoooooooooo
PresidentCheif GuestSup, how you all been?
scapecrafter Guest  Gud
PresidentCheif Guest  Nice
CoolslimedoesMC RegularThis server use to be the best me and my friends use to go on it everyday and play all the time
GTVA_Heretic Co-Ownerunfortunately the very limited server we had running has lapsed once again. currently im looking for another mod setup, and it may end up being that we find something that has been fairly maintained through the technic launcher platform. further news on this as research continues.
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Hnk_the_awesome Moderator  Didn't even know you had a server up running again :( But I hope you get something up running again, and that time I will play on it! :sick:
CoolslimedoesMC Regular  If you do get a server up please tell the ip and modpack
MyGlaum Artistis everyone dead
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GTVA_Heretic Co-Owner  nope im not dead. I just dont get alerts for this unless someone sends me a message directly
clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerSo we have a forge server up and running for 1.7.10. If you know how to set up that on your own and add the CrewMod pack, we can send the ip for it here. Let me know if you have any questions or want to play on it. We have Thaumcraft added as well.
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Hnk_the_awesome Moderator  I would like to play on it :sick: I don't know how to set it up though :/
MyGlaum Artist  oh that was oVER A MONTH AGO OOPS CAN I STILL GET ON?
slayerbiggs RegularHello to Whoever sees this. Its sad that this has happened. I loved playing on this server, i made a lot of friends. I will Miss all of you, This server and everyone on it that i have met are a part of my gaming heart. Hopefully our server can be like the old days. Everyone take care and I hope to see this server... our server come back to life.
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pengbuster Regularsay i if you wanna make a new tffs i think i can run a server ill give someone else ownership
clubbedforsaken Co-Owner  No theres no need for that. TFFS is trademarked by me. So dont worry about that. I had to close down my paypal account, and open a new one. but soon as moneys no longer a issue, im sure we can bring up the server again. me and gtva warned you guys without donations the server wouldnt float for long.... so yeah...
pengbuster Regular  i can set up a public server for free no need for $ just need to pay to run the website
scapecrafter Guest  i like free
pengbuster RegularD:
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