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clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerSo we have a forge server up and running for 1.7.10. If you know how to set up that on your own and add the CrewMod pack, we can send the ip for it here. Let me know if you have any questions or want to play on it. We have Thaumcraft added as well.
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Hnk_the_awesome Moderator  I would like to play on it :sick: I don't know how to set it up though :/
MyGlaum Artist  oh that was oVER A MONTH AGO OOPS CAN I STILL GET ON?
slayerbiggs RegularHello to Whoever sees this. Its sad that this has happened. I loved playing on this server, i made a lot of friends. I will Miss all of you, This server and everyone on it that i have met are a part of my gaming heart. Hopefully our server can be like the old days. Everyone take care and I hope to see this server... our server come back to life.
pengbuster Regularsay i if you wanna make a new tffs i think i can run a server ill give someone else ownership
clubbedforsaken Co-Owner  No theres no need for that. TFFS is trademarked by me. So dont worry about that. I had to close down my paypal account, and open a new one. but soon as moneys no longer a issue, im sure we can bring up the server again. me and gtva warned you guys without donations the server wouldnt float for long.... so yeah...
pengbuster Regular  i can set up a public server for free no need for $ just need to pay to run the website
scapecrafter Guest  i like free
pengbuster RegularD:
clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerWelp, it seems that TFFS Has come to its end. With no money coming in, no server to run cause of that, and the community disbanded, its time to end this vision once and for all. I commend every one of you that has joined and made this community what it once was. Because of you guys, you made this dream a reality, even if it was only for a short while. Maybe some day ill come back to minecraft and try this again. Ive had my thoughts about it, and if i do, this will be the first place i notify.

I ask one thing of you guys.

To keep gaming. Keep being who you are. You're all amazing people and have shown me that there is real friendship out there, and a community you can count on.

If you'd like to stay in touch with me, you can add me on skype or steam. bradlee.marcy is my skype and clubbedforsaken is my steam.

Ill miss you guys. Thanks for everything you've done...

and as always.

Happy Mining...
the_mc_trio Moderator  Just came on for the first time in forever to see this. So sad :(
Even though I haven't been on in forever, I'll still miss playing with all of you guys
clubbedforsaken Co-Owner  Dojnt worry trio, we may come back.
MyGlaum Artist  O lurd... I'm sorry, Clubber, everyone... after over a year of being part of this community, its sad to see it go. Many friends and many, many enemies have been made and thank you so much for that. Welp, see yall later :sick:
clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerAt the moment im trying to get Fragnet to release the server world to me so i can run it fof my tower.... They have not replied... Ill keep you guys posted.
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clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerSo its with regret to inform this website but we will not be continuing to fund the server. We have decided it's not popular enough nor worth the money to keep it going. This community has grown though into something i didn't think was possible and all i can say is thank you to every one of you for your support and friendship with this server. I'll keep this website up, but we are moving into different game types. Were transforming into Rust, and will be starting a unturned server to see where that goes. Plus a few other things. So if you'd like to stay, you're more then welcome to. And once again, Thank you all for your support and effort in making this server into a community. Please feel free to suggest game types for the future. :sick:. I'll be posting the server info for our servers soon. Thanks again. :sick:
clubbedforsaken Co-Owner  This guy ^^^^ acts like ive never run a server off my tower before haha!!! how do you think TFFS started man!!! Haha thanks for the tips and info, ill get this shit rollin.
Hnk_the_awesome Moderator  Awesome clubbed! Hope more people will come on soon again! :sick:
Valrog   So if this is a thing that's happening I would like to see an IP get posted pretty soon :sick: Looking forward to this getting started back up, even if it's that backup that gets started. hehe pun intended
clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerI could host a server from my tower if you guys want me to. To give it a test run.
xXSilver_Xx Moderator  ok
clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerAn unturned server? hmmm. any other suggestions for server types guys?
clubbedforsaken Co-OwnerSorry the websites been down guys, havent been the best with money.... So the server might be shut down, and we might be focusing on rust and other things. Keep you eyes here.
xXSilver_Xx Moderator  you should make an unturned server
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