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slayerbiggs Regularhello
pengbuster RegularHello
pengbuster Regular  i have a server if anyone wants to join the ip is I miss this old community. ill try to make a server kinda like tffs
Louis843 Regular  I would but as you can see I have some issues. :I
GTVA_Heretic Co-OwnerWell gents, in the absence of a server to host i have been playing on a server run through technic launcher. The modpack name is called Realms of Reality, created by Joshmoni. It runs on MC version 1.7.10 and is advised to be using 64 bit java, otherwise the launcher will not let the game use more than 1 GB of ram to launch the game(3-4 recommended.) Please note this modpack has just been recreated, and is still somewhat under development. It has an existing community which is slowly returning. The server is not the most stable, however, and is down fairly often because of various issues with the hosting company. Link to the modpack page is:
GTVA_Heretic Co-Owner  The IP for the public server is included in the modpack install so no need to post the IP here :sick: I hope to see any of you on the server at some point :sick:
GTVA_Heretic Co-Owner  Update: The server owner is looking to switch to a FTB server soon, further details when i have them. Hold off on grabbing the modpack and trying for a start on the server.
PresidentCheif Guest  Good thing I got technic recently! Hopefully I can download the mod and get o
Louis843 RegularI can't even play Minecraft right now. Every time I try to get on a world or server it says Java (SE) Binary Has Stopped Working.
GTVA_Heretic Co-Owner  That sounds like a java issue. Try uninstalling previous versions of java if you have multiple, or updating your java to the current version.
Louis843 Regular  I have uninstalled and reinstalled, got rid of and added, EVERY LAST THING THAT WOULD MAKE LOGICAL SENSE.
Louis843 Regular  This has happened to people like 3 years ago.
Louis843 RegularI got a new computer. ._.
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Louis843 RegularHeyoooooooooo
PresidentCheif GuestSup, how you all been?
PresidentCheif Guest  Nice
MyGlaum Artist  tired
PresidentCheif Guest  Maybe u should drink an energy drink or sleep more MyGlaum :1
CoolslimedoesMC RegularThis server use to be the best me and my friends use to go on it everyday and play all the time
GTVA_Heretic Co-Ownerunfortunately the very limited server we had running has lapsed once again. currently im looking for another mod setup, and it may end up being that we find something that has been fairly maintained through the technic launcher platform. further news on this as research continues.
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Hnk_the_awesome Moderator  Didn't even know you had a server up running again :( But I hope you get something up running again, and that time I will play on it! :sick:
CoolslimedoesMC Regular  If you do get a server up please tell the ip and modpack
MyGlaum Artistis everyone dead
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GTVA_Heretic Co-Owner  nope im not dead. I just dont get alerts for this unless someone sends me a message directly
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